Zsa-Zsa Fuks
Biographical Information
Gender Female
Affiliation Stracci
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Cynthia Marcucci (voice)
"Alright, I'll pay up, I promise!"
―Zsa-Zsa Fuks[src]

Zsa-Zsa Fuks was a restauranteur and manager of The Red Fox.


A resident of Hell's Kitchen and owner of the famed restaurant, the Red Fox, Zsa-Zsa encountered trouble when she fell under the influence of the Stracci family, who had been given territory in Hell's Kitchen as a peace gesture from the Cuneos, who were their closest allies.

Eventually, Zsa-Zsa managed to regain her turf when her racket boss, Danny Gigante, was bought out by Aldo Trapani.

Behind the scenesEdit

She was voiced by Cynthia Marcucci.

She shares a model with Mamma Scarponi and Scotty Parmalata.